We can carry out tree surgery from felling trees to single branches. We allso clear anything from a patch of brambles, overgrown shrubs, out of control hedges to trees. With City & Guilds trained operators we insured and legal for the use of chain saws. This means we can tackle most jobs, big or small.

We have completed many clearance jobs including a old market garden which was two acres, with nearly half being old greenhouses. But more often it is just to remove a shrub or two that has got too big or a leylandi hedge. We all so operate a JCB Micro mini digger so we can dig out the roots if needed.

We all so have the City & Guilds PA1 and PA6 for the use of pesticides so we can spray to keep weeds and brambles under control

Based in Bradford on Avon  we cover Bath, Trowbridge, Melksham, Westbury, Corsham and more.

So if you need advice and a quote please phone or email Andrew










Some evergreens that had got out of hand in Bradford on Avon. They were felled, chipped and the roots dug out with are digger. The ground was then levelled and reseeded. This job had good access, but are chipper and digger can go though a 750mm gap.


roost dug out ready to be seeded


Not a big job, but it would be by hand. This hedge was cut down, chipped and the roots dug out. This was in Trowbridge, Wiltshire.

I phone 1516 foot high brambles with only pedestrian access. This is one of four we did for Wiltshire Council on land to be used for allotments. This was in Westbury but we have also carried out work for Wiltshire Council in Trowbridge and Bradford on Avon. This involved cutting down undergrowth, removing rubbish, spaying and rotovating.